order a buttercream CAKE

These are cakes usually 2 layers of cake inside, 4 inches high and covered in vanilla buttercream with vanilla buttercream in the middle.

A choice of any 2 colours of the rainbow, black and gold is offered for the top and bottom borders, gold and any other metallic colours are chargeable. Decoration are stars, hearts, butterflies, hearts or frilled flowers.

You can ONLY use the link below to order a cake

up to 12 inches round or square, 3 working days in advance.

(Saturdays, Sundays, Bank and Public Holidays are not included)

These Cakes are sold ONLY as seen above with the options below, and cannot be customised any further when ordering from the link below

if you require this type of cake to be customised the you need to make an enquiry 

order a buttercream CAKE HERE