How does your cakes taste?

They look great, and they taste great too!... We bake all of our cakes in 60 litre batches no more than 2 days before your event for a moist and delicious cake every single time. Don't take our word for it, though, come in and try for yourself!


Can you replicate other cake designs?

Yes we can!... However, we prefer for your cake to be specifically tailored to you and your event, and like to find ways to make each design special in its own way.


What is the difference between butter cream and fondant/sugar paste?

Our famous butter cream icing is heavenly, and compliments most any cake flavour very well. Fondant/sugar paste is the best choice for a smooth finish on any cake, and works great for custom artwork and even some 3D designs! Butter cream is best suited for most wedding cakes, birthday cakes, dessert cakes. Fondant is a sugary dough that is rolled very thinly and then laid over the already iced cake, and gives the cake a smoothness and texture that is very unique. Fondant finish is best suited for ultra-realistic 3D cakes, wedding cakes, figures, and more!


Do you offer cake tastings?

We offer wedding cake tastings in our Herne Hill shop, which covers the tasting, designing, and quoting for your cake design. We only schedule in house tastings on Mondays to Fridays 12pm to 5pm, as our cake artists are extremely busy.


We can also provide a "TO GO" cake tasting if your schedule requires. This a cheaper option and involves buying out cake slices in store 

How much cake should I order?

We can provide serving ranges for any size cake, but the final serving amount is up to you, and can change depending on how large your servings are cut. Come see us for more details on servings and serving sizes. 


How do I pick up my cake?

At the time of ordering a convenient time will be arranged between ourselves and you the client for pickup.  Please note – there will be a 1 hour window to pick up your cake. Any remaining invoice balance is due in full.  At that time, the client will be required to sign a waiver that reads:



Customer signing below agrees that the cake has the details requested. We ate the Brixton Cake Shop are not liable for any damages to the cake/cupcakes after pick up. Any changes requested after pick up may be done for an extra charge.



I hereby indemnify and save Brixton Cake Shop from any and all liability, loss or damage including loss caused by illness arising out of the services provided due to any allergies that were not stated at the time of ordering.

How much do your cakes cost?

Each cake is a custom order and priced on an individual basis.  We determine cost based on the number of servings, whether it is a fondant vs. icing decorated cake and the estimated time to create the personal details of your cake.


What are your policies for ordering a cake?

We require 50% deposit on all orders over.  This deposit is required to secure your order’s date and time and is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Cancellations MUST be made no later than 48 hours after your order is placed.  If you cancel your order within the 48-hour timeframe, your deposit will stay on file and must be used within 6 months time.


Orders are only finalized once payment is received and a signed cake agreement is received until then it remains on our system as an estimate.  We do our best to accommodate amendments; however any additions or changes to the order after it is finalized will be subject to additional fees.


How do I pay?

Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer (with a reference), VISA/MASTERCARD or PAYPAL.  VISA/MASTERCARD payments can be made using the PayPal credit card function or here online.  


Do you take cake orders via email or telephone?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate orders via email OR over the phone that would be considered an enquiry; an order is placed when we have finalised every bit of detail with a deposit.


How far in advance should I place an order for a cake?

Any special occasion cakes with basic designs or a photo should be ordered 2-3 days before your occasion. For all novelty and designer cakes we currently have a waiting time of 7days.


Can I make changes to my cake once the order has been placed?

Changes and cancellations can be made up until 48 hours before the cake is due to be picked up. In certain cases where we are making items such as models that require drying time to be fixed on your cake and or if we had to order items in for your cake a refund will not be possible.


Do you deliver cakes?

We are looking into shipping edible products within the next few months nationwide in saying that we will not ship our custom or specialty cakes due to the delicate nature of the cake. We are offering local deliveries within a 10mile radius of our store. Please note this is a chargeable service - For more info please call us.


Can I be sure my cake will be delivered on time?

There is no recreating the experience of receiving a gift on the actual day of one's birthday or special occasion, and we are committed to fulfilling this pledge to our customers. 


At what time will my cake be delivered?

It depends. We normally say within the time slot agreed. This covers us in the eventuality of heavy traffic or breakdowns or accidents. 


What if my cake arrives late or is damaged?

Because we have our own driver that will deliver your cake we will make sure that it doesn’t  arrive in perfect condition as we deliver in a refrigerated van. Our drivers are trained in areas where we expect them to carry out any such repairs onsite should something goes wrong.  If you experience complications with the delivery of your order you may be eligible for a refund on your shipping amount or the total order amount if the cake is damaged beyond repair. Please notify us by sending us a message or email from our contact us page and don’t forget to include your order number and upload any pictures of the damage so we can assess it. A manager will contact you shortly thereafter to resolve the matter. Please be advised that we must receive notification no later than 14 days after the delivery is received in order to process a reship or refund. 


I need a cake delivered tomorrow. What is the latest time I can place an order?

In order to have a cake made for delivery the following day, your order must be fully submitted into our system by 2pm at the latest. And these are just for standard cake orders. If you are in doubt kindly call us. Orders placed after 2pm Monday to Friday, or over the weekend, will be processed the following business day. 


Why am I not able to select certain dates for delivery on your delivery date calendar?

There are certain days throughout the year on which we cannot deliver, such as Sundays and certain holidays, and in some cases, the day directly following a holiday. We also cannot deliver cakes on Bank Holiday Mondays.  The days on which delivery is not possible are grey on our calendar. 


How does the cake stay fresh?

Before finally deciding to start a delivery service we have spent many months perfecting delivery methods, consulting with some of the most experienced packaging specialists. Our system is tested and proven, utilizing various components such as dry ice, polystyrene, bubble wrap and of course investing in a refrigerated van to keep your cake secure and fresh.



What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use only the finest ingredients with — yes — creamy frostings, German chocolate, cane sugars, butter not margarine and all the other great things that make our gourmet cakes delicious and indulgent. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific ingredient in any of our products (for allergies, etc.), please check with us directly before placing an order. 


Do you make cake for people with special dietary requirements?

We are working expanding our range of eggless, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free cakes. In saying that we ONLY do smaller cakes in this range.


Can I add a personalized message?

As part of the checkout and ordering process simply select an occasion (where applicable) and the appropriate message will be included - you just fill in your text at the same time you fill in your shipping info. Remember, if this is a gift, your recipient will not know who has sent the cake unless you fill in the card! Please note, we cannot write long messages on the cakes.


Can I send a cake to a college or university? What about a hotel or other business institutions?

Yes. However, most colleges (as with hotels, state-side military bases and other places of business) have their own protocol for receiving packages. We highly recommend contacting the place to which you wish to send the gift and find out information regarding their on-site mail process. Simply tell them you're trying to send a perishable gift to someone and they will be able to tell you the exact address to which the package must be sent. Most colleges/hotels/businesses/bases will not give the our driver access to their grounds/facilities in order to search out a recipient directly, so the package must be received by a central location (college/dorm mail centre, front desk/reception, shipping dock, etc.). Once received, the mailing centre shall either deliver the package to your recipient or alert him/her of its arrival for pick-up. Additionally, many schools/businesses/bases can only be delivered Monday-Friday, and do not allow for Saturday deliveries. Given the perishable nature of our products, it is always best to find out as much information as possible before ordering to ensure your order is received in a timely manner (i.e., where specifically the delivery will be delivered to, who will sign for it, is there a person in charge, etc.). If it’s to a hotel, it is always recommended that you call the hotel directly AFTER the delivery is made to ensure the package is delivered to the proper recipient.


Can I have a gift delivered internationally?

No. Our gifts can only be delivered domestically within the London (as the risk of getting a perishable product through international Customs and delivered before going bad is just too high).


Does your company help me to keep track of birthdays and other special occasions?

Yes — this will be one of our best features by having this website. Simply put the birthdays/special occasions of your associates, friends, or loved ones in our calendar and we will send you a notification asking your final approval to send out your cake as a gift when the important date rolls around


If no one is home at the time of delivery, will my gift be left at the front door?

The answer to this question is both Yes & No. Yes, if you specify the location you deemed "safe to leave" as many people are not home during normal business hours Our deliveries are on a s Shipper Release basis, so that a signature is not required for delivery. However, they will most likely not leave packages outside of locations in large cities, offices, flats, or anywhere in which public display and accessibility is apparent. This is for both safety and security reasons. Please be advised that whether or not a package can be left outside a recipient's address is solely at our driver's discretion. If the package cannot be left outside, we will leave your delivery has been attempted or leave it with a neighbour. Alternatively, pick-up can also be arranged at any of our stores.


Will you call my recipient before delivery is attempted?

Yes & No. No because we will not have the number for the recipient if the cake is a surprise for them but yes we will call the person who ordered the cake as Our drivers carry company mobile phones, so they can contact the person who ordered the cake before, or following a delivery attempt. We request your phone number be noted when placing an order, but that is only for our records in the event the driver cannot locate an address, etc. 


What if I need to change the shipping address of my package, or if I realize after the fact that I entered part of the shipping address incorrectly, will my cake still be delivered on time?

Possibly. In the event we're notified of an incorrect address, we will do our best to fix the situation promptly. In most cases, delivery to the new address will occur the following business day. Please be advised that in the event we need to update/correct a shipping address (due to an incorrect street name or number, city, state and/or zip code, missing/incorrect apartment or unit number, etc.) for an order that has already shipped, you may be charged a fee for going on another route.


I have two discount codes... Can I combine these offers?

No. Our discount policy does not allow two or more discounts to be combined. You will receive the higher of the two discounts. 


You sometimes run a promo offering Free delivery on a specific product. What does that mean?

The free delivery promo we offer from time to time can only be applied to orders placed at least two weeks in advance of the delivery date, and for arrival on a Monday - Wednesday of any given week. 

How far ahead should I make my wedding cake appointment?

​We suggest you call to book your appointment at least 4 weeks before you would like to come in, and plan to come in about 2 months before your occasion.

What do I need to bring with me to my cake consultation?

Information regarding to occasion date, approximate number of guests, where the party will be held and directions to your venue, and any other ideas or details you would like included in your cake design such as colour, invitations, details from your wedding dress, eg fabric etc.


Is there a fee for a consultation?

Yes... The fee is £25. Consultations include refreshments and cake samples of up to 4 of our best flavours; any other flavours would be an additional fee. The fee is payable towards your cake if you choose to make your order. Otherwise you will have cake to take home from the consultation. 


Do you make “fake” or Styrofoam tiers?

Some customers have asked if we could use Styrofoam as opposed to cake to achieve the height of their cake. This is something we can do. Please note it’s the same amount of work, time, and detail is put into your cake whether it is cake or Styrofoam. At the end of the day it’s all your choice.


Can you send me a brochure or additional photos of cakes you've done in the past?

We typically suggest either looking at our Facebook page or stopping in to either take a look at our in store catalogues, which are updated on a weekly basis, and looking at our wedding cake models on display around our Herne Hill store, which are changed monthly.


Do you accept apprentices and interns?

Yes, however it is a demanding position which requires some professionalism and a fair amount of artistic/culinary skills in order to be considered. Therefore, you must submit a resume as well as come in to meet with us personally for a formal application and discuss what you are interested in learning. Baking/Cake decorating experience is required. As fun as that sounds, we work on very delicate time schedules, and must give our undivided attention to each order. Let us do the hard work, and you just get to eat it!


Do you teach cake decorating or baking classes?

We are currently looking to offer a variety of cake decorating classes. The list will be published soon. All classes will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Baking classes are coming soon too; please check our Facebook page and the respective pages on our website again for updates!


What's the best way to contact us?

The fastest and easiest way to contact us is via telephone or to come in. We are very busy and so to respond to emails and messages via Facebook is done every hour.